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14. Juli 2018 – ART SPIN BERLIN

14. Juli 2018 – ART SPIN BERLIN

„Art Spin Berlin is a community based interactive bike and art tour of creative venues, art performances and site-specific installations throughout various Berlin neighborhoods. The goal is to create an event that highlights and embraces the diversity and vibrancy of Berlin’s art scene and neighborhoods. Participants will experience eight projects at six locations. The tour is 11 km long through the neighborhoods of Pankow, Niederschönhausen, Heinersdorf and Weißensee.
Projects by: ON/OFF, Sonja Hornung and Richard Pettifer, hannsjana, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Irina Demina & Joshua Rutter, Nima Keshtkar, 12Volt, Sinneswandeln, Lena Skrabs and Paloma Sanchez-Palencia; Music and sound by Klara Geist Loudspeakerfactory

Supported by the District of Pankow, Department of Continued Education and Culture.
Art Spin Berlin is open to everyone, regardless of fitness or artistic knowledge. Participation is
donation based, with a recommended amount of 8,50 €.“
Info: https://artspin.berlin/
Booklet: https://issuu.com/artspinberlin/docs/brochure-final-print-bleeds-2
Registration via Eventbrite: https://bit.ly/2lt9BRe

Meeting time: 17:00 ▪ Ride begins at 18:00
Meeting Point: Underneath Bösebrücke (Norwegerstr.), next to S-Bahn Bornholmer Str. (10439 Berlin)

Feast of Music im KuBiZ

Feast of Music im KuBiZ

To start the summer on 21.06. we are part of the Fete de La Musique. You can expect 5 great bands and drinks. Be there on 21.06. Of course, entrance is free!


16:00    Klakk (Walzer, Swing, Musette, Klezmer) http://www.klakk.net/

17:00    Fritz Project Band (Acoustics crossbeet) www.frizu.de

18:00    Banda Chuka (Folk, Rumba, Swing) http://www.banda-chuka.de/

19:00    Labob (Alternative Folk) http://labob.blogsport.de/

20:00    Sternenlaub (Experimental Liedermaching with synthesizer & violin) http://www.sternenlaub.de/

21:00    Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto (Psychedelux, Surrealectro, Spacerock) http://www.redroommusik.de/dom oarigato-info/