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Month: Februar 2012

Transnational Workshop on Nutrition and sustainability

Transnational Workshop on Nutrition and sustainability

21. – 29. 4. 2012 // Berlin, germany

The foundation of the workshop is to learn about nutrition and their effects on both: the consumers and producers. Theoretical and practical learning will come together throughout the course.
To introduce one another the workshop will begin with a cooking activity (vegetarian/vegan).
Everybody will create a speciality from their home country and share about their cultural cooking and eating habits. After this we will focus on a theoretical exploration of food related social topics (i.e. food scandals, additives, Genetic Engineering, factors of production within the EU, basic principles of organic farming).
Equipped with this knowledge we will start an exchange with “experts“ from Berlin and the surrounding countryside. The program includes a visit to an organic farm and a Community Supported Agriculture project as well as a meeting with the NGO “foodwatch“ and a field trip with a medicinal herb specialist. You will also learn practical skills in the community garden that belongs to the KuBiZ-center and is used for organic cultivation of fruits, vegetables and herbs.
The culinary recipes (like all other outcomes from the workshop) will be recorded on a CD and continue to inspire you back home. Additionally there will be sufficient space during the week for the exchange of individual experience and knowledge about food.
The workshop is addressed to people from different European countries, who are interested in reflecting their habits of eating. We will start an exchange about the theoretical background of food production as
well as our own role in maintaining it and possible alternatives. We would like to initiate intercultural and cross-generational learning and hope to create a group that is as diverse as possible regarding their social and cultural backgrounds, their ages and their living and eating habits.
You will be staying in the guest house of Kubiz, a center for culture and education in Berlin Weißensee. The house offers different sleeping arrangements, a kitchen and several work and recreation spaces.
We will use public transport for the excursions. The food will be partly organized within the workshop (i.e. from the Community Garden), but Berlin also offers a wide range of culinary possibilities, specialties from many different cultures/countries and also organic and fair-trade restaurants.
You will travel (depending on the distance) with trains and airplanes respectively.

All costs of the workshop (including travel & housing expenses) will be covered by the founding of the european communitys grundtvig-workshop program.

Taking part:
To take part in the workshop you have to apply in advance. You have to send a letter of intent (you’ll get the formular from us – attached – or you can download it from the blog-site http://sustainablefood.blogsport.eu/ .

The Workshop is organized by the association solar e.V., Bernkastler Str. 78, 13088 Berlin, solar[at]kubiz-wallenberg.de