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Month: November 2013

23.11.2013 // Eröffnungsfete Nachbarschaftscafé

23.11.2013 // Eröffnungsfete Nachbarschaftscafé

Einladung zur Eröffnungsfete des Nachbarschaftscafés

PEröffnung Caférogramm ab 15 Uhr:

* Artistik
* Märchenerzählung
* Offene Türen von KuBiZ-Projekten
* Herbstlieder am Lagerfeuer
* lecker Essen (Kaffee, Kuchen, frisches Laugengebäck, Buffet, lecker Suppe)
…und mehr

Abendprogramm mit Musik ab 19 Uhr

im KuBiZ –  Kultur- und Bildungszentrum Weißensee
Bernkasteler Straße 78 | 13088 Berlin

PS: Liebe Kinder, wir wollen es schön hell und gemütlich haben! Darum bringt eure Laternen mit, wenn ihr welche habt! Jede laterne bekommt einen Preis!

Internationaler Trainingsworkshop „Kulturelle Unterschiede in der Erinnerungsarbeit“

Internationaler Trainingsworkshop „Kulturelle Unterschiede in der Erinnerungsarbeit“

The Training course „Cultural Diversities of remembrance: Pedagogical approaches to deal with the East-West conflict“ will take place in the guest-house of the Weissensee Culture and Education Center, (KuBiZ), in Berlin, from 15th November to 24th November 2013.

Participants: 24 adult participants from Poland, Portugal, Romania and Germany are expected for our training course. Our target group are facilitators, workshop promoters, teachers etc., that means the participants should already have (as far as possible) some experience in the field of political education. But also newbies without previous knowledge are invited to come to our training course.

 Fees: Almost all costs (accommodation, catering, activities etc.) are covered by the EU program „Youth in action“. The participants just have to pay 30% of their travelling costs themselves.

 Topic of our workshop: Our event is conceived as a training course. The target group are adults who are involved in political education and who want to learn and try out different pedagogical approaches and methods. That means the participants should be disposed to becoming actively involved in our training course.

 *Exchange about our own individual experiences, memories & perceptions of the cold war era

 *Get to know & discuss different pedagogical approaches to deal with the topic East-West conflict

 *Try out different pedagogical approaches themselves

 *Visit different places of East-West history in Berlin

 *Get to know cultural diversities of remembrance

 *Learn about the Berlin history of the cold war era & topics which are important within the german context
Further Information and applicationform on solarev.org