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Month: September 2014

Es lebe die Freiheit! Friedensprozess und Aufbau basisdemokratischer Strukturen in Nord-Kurdistan

Es lebe die Freiheit! Friedensprozess und Aufbau basisdemokratischer Strukturen in Nord-Kurdistan

Zu Zeiten staatlicher Repression und dem Versuch eines Friedensprozesses zwischen den Guerillas der PKK und dem türkischen Staat beginnt der Aufbau eines Rätesystems. Frauen-, Jugendräte und weitere Formen der Selbstorganisation von unten sowie kommunale Selbstverwaltung werden aufgebaut. Sie sind jenseits von Staat, Macht und Kapital die Antwort auf kapitalistische Ausbeutung sowie militärische und biopolitische Unterdrückung. Ein Modell für die radikale Linke (nicht nur) hierzulande?

Im März 2014 waren die Referent*innen Teil einer internationalistischen Delegation, welche mit YXK, dem kurdischen Studierendenverband, den türkischen Teil Kurdistans bereiste.


Veranstaltungsort: Haus der Jugend  Bunte Kuh e.V.

North East Antifascists [NEA] | www.antifa-nordost.org
Hände weg vom Wedding | haendewegvomwedding.blogsport.eu
YXK – Verband der Studierenden aus Kurdistan | www.yxkonline.com
Kurdistan-Solidaritätskomitee Berlin | kurdistan.blogsport.de

Training: Remembrance of The European East West Conflict

Training: Remembrance of The European East West Conflict

Pedagogical Approaches for dealing with the history and its current consequences


6.11.-15.11.2014 in Berlin

As participants are suitable: Youth workers and people who work with youths/adults in non-formal political education or who want to do this in future.


The program:

25 years after the division of Europe and the cold war, Berlin is still a central place of remembrance. This training will take place in the week of the 25. anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th 2014 with lots of interesting events in Berlin on this topic.

But which pedagogical models are adapted in this places of remembrance and events? How is history interfered? Which perspectives and interpretations are dominant? Which perspectives stay hidden?

And after all – how can an emancipatory pedagogical way of remembrance look like?

During the training, we’ll get to know, try out and evaluate different pedagogical methods, which deal with the history of the European east west conflict. These new approaches, we can use afterwards in our work in political education, to be able to deal constructively with this history and to avoid and counteract prejudices between East- and West-Europe.

The activities during the Training include excursions to GDR-places of remembrance, exchange with contemporary witnesses and creative biographical work methods about the topic east-west.

The training should contribute to a constructive dealing with Cultures of remembrance related to the east-west conflict and it’s current consequences.

The infrastructure:

The training takes place in the seminar-house of a Cultural Center in Berlin. (www.kubiz-wallenberg.de).

Because the implementation is financially supported by the EU Program Erasmus+, the co-payment fee is only between 50-150 Euro (adapted to the individual financial capacities of the participants). The costs for the travelling, accommodation, food and the program are included in this participation fee.

We’ll have organic vegetarian food during the Training.

The communication language will be English.


If you’re interested in participating, you can directly download the form form here or ask for one via email. Please send us the filled form via email to: organize@solarev.org .