In KuBiZ, there is plenty of space for your ideas and commitment. If you are interested in participating in an existing project, or if you would like to contribute your own project, please contact us (see ) Contact ) or best at the project of your choice.

In order to realize the numerous social, cultural and educational projects in the KuBiZ, we need your support. In addition to financial support by donations or a sponsorship membership, you can also support us actively or with professional advice.

The open space is a permanently open infrastructure for People who want to engage themselves culturally, socially and politically.

How to financially support us

Of course, such a large and extensive project as the KuBiZ needs money. We also need money not only for the maintenance, financing and maintenance of the property, but also for the numerous usually voluntary organized offers.

There are various ways to support the project and the House Association: financially from the classic tax-favored donations through direct loans, guarantees and foundations, you can support us in many ways.

In the following we will explain these possibilities:


Donations to the not-for-profit Hausvereinträgerwerk eV. can be tax deducted up to a maximum of 20% of the total income of the donor.

Account holder: trägerwerk e.V.
IBAN: DE70 4306 0967 1110 4251 00
GLS Bank Bochum
Purpose: „KuBiZ“ or give the name of the project you want to support.


Trägerwerk e.V. has been exempt from income tax and approved as a non-profit organization by a decision of the Finanzamt für Körperschaften dated 19.11.2010.



At GLS Bank, private individuals can vouch for up to 3000 euros for a loan taken by our initiative. The borrowers are not tested for liquidity by the bank. The guarantee loan is repaid by our sponsoring company. The guarantor is liable only in the event of the insolvency of the entire project for the guaranteed amount of a maximum of 3000 euros.

direct credit

Direct loans are loans for private individuals or initiatives. They are a proven means of financing self-help projects. The amount and duration of the loan are individually negotiable. We can charge your investment between 0% and 3% interest. For the direct loan, a contract is signed between the lender and the provider of the lending agreement, which details the following: lump sum (from 500 euro), interest (up to 3%) and notice period. Both the value of the property and the regular rental income serve as security. The repayment of the borrowed money is made in the long term from the rental income and in the short term through restructuring.


The FreiRäume Foundation is an important cooperation partner of the KuBiZ project. It acts as a sponsor of projects and offers the possibility to use Stiftung FreiRäume specifically for KuBiZ projects in our foundation. In this case, tax deductions can be taxed as a special tax deduction. As of January 2007, the maximum limit for the donation of donations has also been increased to 20% of the income.